-淫母・恵子-第1章 ~淫母の目覚め~

(3) “In the place where my son was born …”

[September 4, 2014]

“Why don’t you eat outside because you don’t have a dad tonight?”

I will send a message by SNS to my son in the room on the second floor.


After a while, a short sentence came back.

“Then, I’ll go to your room soon.”

Send a message as if nothing had happened earlier.

But that was to make sure I didn’t realize what I was going to do.

I was taking a shower before sending the message.

Then go to the bedroom so as not to make a noise.

I changed my underwear and made up.


I also checked the whole body with a full-length mirror.

(If you go to a restaurant, you can do this much.)

It may have been to make an excuse for myself.

If my thoughts were very different, I thought I wouldn’t even be able to see my son’s face.

(And bring your clothes …)

Choose two of your favorite dresses and take the courage to leave the room.

The destination was the next room across the stairs.

Knock with Konkon and call his son’s name.

“Yu-chan, are you ready?”

“I was able to do it.”

You will get a reply from inside.

“Then, can I enter?”


I usually enter as soon as I knock, but today was special.

The moment you open the gacha and the door, your son’s face turns into a surprise.

“Mom, I’m not ready yet … Which is better?”


A son who looks at me with a surprised face without answering the question.

No wonder.

In front of him is a mother in underwear with a dress in her hands …

“Which one is better?”

I will ask you again.

“As it is …”

A son who murmured.

I knew what I meant.

“Which one?”

“… you shouldn’t wear either.”

I clearly felt that my eyes were on the man, not the son.

“If you don’t wear either, you can’t go outside.”

“I want to see more as it is.”

It was a pure white lingerie with a little gloss, which is peculiar to silk.

It was this underwear that was the most moving in the closet.

“Well, because …”

“I want to see more moms.”


“You gave it to me earlier? My feelings …”

Your vocabulary will be a little stronger.

The seriousness of my son has been transmitted.


His son tells me the last word to me with a troubled face.

“I like my mom …”

“She is a woman …”

I was finally told.

It’s not that he didn’t expect it.

But when you really say it, you don’t know what to do anymore.

“Yu-chan …, mom, what should I do?”

“Stay a little longer.”

A mother who nods with Kokun.

With that as a signal, the son approaches and takes his dress in both hands and puts it on a chair.

The part hidden in the one-piece is gone, and all parts except the underwear are exposed.


My son screams in admiration.

“I’m embarrassed.”

My son stops me trying to hide my chest with his hands.

“Show me more. Show your mother’s big breasts and hips.”

Look away from your son’s gaze.

A mother who slowly lowers her hand and exposes herself as it is.

Her boobs, which she thinks are big, swayed up and down her every time she breathed.

“It’s really beautiful.”

A son who changes places and viewpoints and watches his mother’s underwear.

It wasn’t my son anymore.

“Hey, are you still watching?”

“Yeah, still more.”

“Mom, maybe it’s a little cold.”

It was still hot outside, but I couldn’t help feeling chilly in my underwear in the air-conditioned room.

“Oh, sorry.”

The next action of my son who said that was beyond my expectations.


A son who hugs his mother with a fluffy feeling.

“It’s not cold, right?”

I can’t afford to feel the heat or cold anymore.


The silence that came suddenly.

It seems that you can hear each other’s heartbeat.

It was also compulsorily conscious that it was different.

(Yu-chan, maybe …)

You can see that something hard is hitting around the stomach.

I pull my hips a little to avoid that part that I don’t need to think about, but my son hugs me as if he realized it and draws me.

(This is no good, though.)

However, my body was already weak.

A room where you can only hear each other’s breath sounds.

It was my son’s whisper that broke the silence.

“Mom, I like it.”

Looking up at my son, who was bigger than me, he was staring at the woman in front of him with moist eyes.

(No good….)

Lips that are attracted like a magnet.

It was a kiss that connected everything to each other, unlike Chu, who was a baby.

(Ah, so much, then it’s no good …)

My son’s tongue breaks into my mouth.

Although awkward, it gradually erases its position as a mother.


I felt that the deep part of my body became hot with a rich kiss that I had never experienced.

(Where did you remember this kiss?)

I can’t stand on my own anymore, so I put my hand around my son’s neck to support his body.

Did it seem like it was hugging?

The arms that hug you are tight and you can screw in your tongue.

(Oh no, it’s going to be weird.)

A mother who can no longer stand and slides to the floor.

“Hah, ha, ha …”

Her son also chases her mother, who sits on her floor with her breathlessness.

“Look, mom …”

It was emerging through the slacks.

When my son traced it, it emerged as a clearer shape.

“I want to see?”

I can’t speak.

However, my son dropped the slacks without waiting for a reply.


The briefs in front of you have a bulge that is incomparably larger than before.

“Yu, Yu-chan !?”

“I want my mom to see it. Isn’t it okay?”

I’ve come to a point where I can’t turn back anymore …

With that in mind, I replied this time.


At that moment, what popped out of the briefs with a clicking sound.

(Yeah !!)

I was only surprised.

It was completely different from the cute cock that I remember.

On the contrary, it is a completely different size from that of an adult male who only knows two people.

(This is so big !?)

Upright, it reached the navel lightly, and its heavy thickness seemed to boast the strength of a man.

The only thing that made me feel youthful was that it was still close to pink.


“Oh, yes?”

“Sorry, did you hate it?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“It was good. I was surprised and solidified.”

I can’t say I was surprised because it was so big.

“It’s okay … but what should I do?”

I immediately regretted the word I told him to repair.

When I hear such a thing, it is decided that I will be told.

However, the words from my son were surprising.

“I want to take a bath together.”


“Yeah. When I think about it, I’m still sweating, and I was just doing it.”

I was a little relieved.

However, when I think about it, it was that I wanted to continue with a beautiful body.

“Actually, mom, I just took a shower. That’s why only Yu-chan came in.”

“That’s right … then I’ll just take a shower. Mom waits here. She’ll be back soon.”

When I took off my shirt, my son hurried down.

“Huh …”

I knew this would happen, but when I was alone and regained my composure, I was almost crushed by regret.

Accepting his son’s lips without resistance.

And that I reacted to it as a woman …

I found that my shorts were very wet even if I didn’t touch them anymore.

(Is it okay to leave it to the flow as it is?)

Before I got the answer to my question, my son made a noise and went up the stairs.

“Please wait.”

It was a smile as if I had met my lover.

(Anyway, it will be a wonderful memory of Yu-chan.)

My son’s smile decided my heart.

“Yu-chan. You’re really a mom, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, she’s always wanted to be a mother for the first time.”

(After all, this is my first time …)

Her mother robs her son’s virginity.

That forbidden act robs me of my reason.

“I understand, but only today. I promise.”

“Because it’s a parent and child. I understand.”

I was a little hesitant about the word parent and child, but my body, which started to ache, didn’t let me go back anymore.

“Then, continue. This time, from my mother.”

A mother who sits her son on the edge of her bed and kisses her.

Her experience is not so much, even though she is more than twice as old as her son.

Desperately moving her tongue and licking her son’s mouth so as not to be realized.

Eventually, she entwined with her son’s tongue and sought to mate with another creature.

(Did you feel like kissing?)

Pleasure from the mouth that you experience for the first time, not forgotten.

A mother in underwear asks her naked son for a kiss.

“Ngu, huh, huh, huh.”

Neither moaning sweet voice dominates his son’s room.

Eventually the two lay in a narrow bed and began to entangle not only their tongues but also their bodies.

Forbidden fellowship of a real mother and son.

It was already close to that.

Prompted by her son, he gropes around his stomach and touches a suddenly erected chunk of meat.

When I stare at her son while kissing, she looks back at me with the eye that she wants me to touch.

(It’s really big … and it’s so hard and curled up.)

Her mother’s right hand slowly handles the penis, which seems to be too much to hold with her hands.

“Uh, uh.”

A son who entangles his tongue but leaks his voice to the pleasure of being touched by his mother.

The source of pleasure was so hard that it was almost overwhelmed.

“Do you want to put it out once?”

Ask at a distance so that the kissing lips are barely separated.

“I want to insert it in my mother.”

I felt that it was a matter of course for me, who had already blown away my regrets and hesitation.


My son, who was lying face to face, turned me on his back and crawls on me on all fours.


The smile disappears from my smiling son.

I don’t know if it was the first time I was nervous because I was seriously trying to have sex.

All I knew was that I had my legs open, while my sons were overlapping and aiming at my entrance.


When my son’s penis touches my vaginal opening, his body bounces.

(over there.)

Even so, I don’t feel like I’m coming in.

(It’s true for the first time.)

With joy and cuteness, happy feelings run around the body.

I was thinking of guiding him, but I thought I shouldn’t be ashamed of the man, so I closed my eyes and waited for that moment.

Repeat 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, touching the vicinity of the entrance and slipping off.

However, the next moment, the feeling of being able to pry open the entrance penetrates my body.


Goose bumps run all over my body for the first time in a while.

“Are you in?”

A son staring at his mother with an anxious face.

“Yeah, Yu-chan is coming.”

A mother who puts her arm around her son’s neck and returns a smile.

Maybe it wasn’t her mother’s face.

“Mom, I love you. I love you!”

The joy of becoming one explodes in my son.

“Mom also likes it.”

Touch her son’s lips while raising her head.

“Fufufu, something strange.”

There is no doubt that it is strange.

The men and women who are currently in contact are mothers and children with blood.

These two people enjoyed being tied while kissing alternately.

Such a kiss also turns into a rich one that entwines the tongue.

My son whispers in his ear as his smile disappears and his eyes return to moisturized eyes.

“I’ll go to the back of my mother.”

Instead of replying, I put a lot of effort into the arm around his back.

The penis that was in a little bit slowly and slowly pushes through the meat wall.


A feeling that you have never experienced before spreads deeper and deeper.

(Does this reach such a place?)

When you reach a certain place, you will feel like you are being pushed up, not the feeling of being squeezed from there.

When I saw what he suddenly broke, I felt faint.

(Maybe to return to the place where I was born …)

When I thought so, my son’s waist was pushed hard like a stab.

(3) “In the place where my son was born …”

“Ahhhhh !!”

My mother’s loud cry echoes throughout the room.

It was the moment my son returned after 17 years.